Accelinn development in INDIA!!

INDIA is the Future manufacturing  hub in the World !!!

As a startup, working with large companies, Accelinn has catched an opportunity to develop in India. Going on a project with a large transportation company, Accelinn has taken profit from the opportunity to be there to meet local people to find business opportunities.

What we can capitalize on this very rich experience is that local people are very kind and starve to develop any business.

We have met some people to distribute our laser head Lassy, we may find further information on this product on Quick finding 2 different companies who could be interested in this opportunity, we have quite fastly defined next steps and way of working. We hope that we will manage to go to the end with these people. We will let you know how we may go further.



As this travel was a real journey for us, we have tried to find out how this culture work. First of all, there is a scale difference with what we may see in France. For example, We were in Bangalore. This town had 12 million people in 2012 and count today 25 million people.

You may discover some pictures of this completely heratic and up and down evolution.



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